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Kanakuk Abuser Threat Indicator ©

Kanakuk Child Protection Plan


The Kanakuk Abuser Threat© Indicator identifies positions or roles within a youth serving organization that may pose a greater threat to minors based on their degree of access and control.  The greater the access or control of a position or role, the higher the Threat Level Score (TLS).©
The TLS score is derived from a series of eight carefully designed questions that are synonymous with the methods of child abusers, and valued based on the factors below.  Then, based on the TLS, the youth organization can focus resources on these higher threats as it relates to hiring, training and monitoring.

   Threat Level Scoring Factors
  •Infrequent = 0
  •Frequent    = .5
  •Constant    = 1



The Threat Level Indicator is just another tool provided by the Kanakuk Child Protection Plan to combat child abuse in youth serving organizations.  For more information, contact Rick Braschler at rick@kanakuk.com, or visit www.kanakukchildprotection.org.



Camp Tree Risk Management – Prioritizing threats

Considering the thousands of trees that cover a camp’s landscape, it is not practical, if not impossible, to cover every tree with an individual tree assessment.  Therefore, surveyors will allocate their resources accordingly to the areas with higher probability of risk. 

Tree risk assessment is conducted step-by-step in two stages.  The first stage involves an “area basis” assessment identifying tree group types and conditions within each zone.  The second stage involves a “tree basis” assessment identifying specific trees which may pose a threat to the public.  The following illustration reflects the delineation of protection zones combined with remedial action steps using the two inspection stages.  If there are no other feasible remedial measures, tree removal is a last resort so as to eliminate the threat to public safety.

For more information about Camp Tree Risk Management, visit www.kanakukchildprotection.org, or email Rick Braschler at rick@kanakuk.com




Camp Tree Risk Management – Where to begin


Tree Risk Management Protection Zones

The objective of a Camp Tree Risk Management Plan (TRMP) is to reduce the risk of injury or loss caused by tree failures in locations where targets (people and property) are prevalent.  The strategy to accomplish this objective consists of 3 Protection Zones, 4 Tree Categories, 2 Inspection Stages, and a Hazard Tree Rating System. 

The three protection zones delineate areas in the camp that may pose greater risk to people based on the presence of trees in relation to the constant, frequent or rare presence of targets (Figure A).



Once the camp is mapped accordingly camp leaders can then prioritize and allocate resources to address higher threat areas in order of highest to lowest risk.

For more information on Camp Tree Risk Management planning, visit www.kanakukchildprotection.org, or email Rick Braschler at rick@kanakuk.com


“Sliders, Emergers & Prowlers – Oh My!”

“Sliders, Emergers and Prowlers – Oh My!”

By Rick Braschler

 Oh how I long for the days when “lions, tigers and bears” were the worst we could think of.   But then again, the Wizard of Oz children’s story wasn’t about to address the uncomfortable reality of child sexual abusers in youth programming.  And, in that era, the focus on stranger danger would likely have missed the reality that abusers in youth programming are not the unshaven strangers wearing trench coats offering candy to children in the parking lot.  In fact, quite the opposite!

“Sliders, Emergers & Prowlers – Oh My!”, rick braschler, child abuse prevention, Kanakuk Child Protection Plan


Kanakuk Three Stages of Child Abuse Prevention

Kanakuk Three Stages of Child Abuse Prevention

Effective child abuse strategies should focus not only on the “mandatory reporting” aspects of child abuse, but more importantly on earlier stages where opportunities for prevention offer remedies PRIOR to actual episodes of abuse.  The following are the Three Stages of Child Abuse Prevention developed by Rick Braschler, Sr. Risk Consultant and Director of Risk Management for Kanakuk Kamps, and included in the nationally recognized safety system, the Kanakuk Child Protection Plan. 

rick braschler, child abuse prevention


Kanakuk Child Protection Seminar – Branson, Missouri Sept 25, 2014

  The Kanakuk Child Protection Plan Seminar

A step-by-step guide to prevent, detect or respond to

child abuse in youth programming


Rick Braschler

Director of Risk Management, Kanakuk Kamps

Senior Risk Consultant, Youth Protection

 Sherri Weiss

R.N., Risk Consultant, Youth Protection


Date:                 Thursday, September 25th, 2014  8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location:            Big Cedar Lodge  612 Devil’s Pool Rd, Ridgedale, Mo (Near Branson)


Registration:     Contact Kay Borror at 417-266-3335  keborror@kanakuk.com

For more information:


rick braschler


The Kanakuk Child Protection Plan Webinar – Child Abuse

Please register for The Kanakuk Child Protection Plan WebinarChild
on Nov 26, 2013 10:00 AM CST at: 


This webinar discusses the strategy and tactics that comprise The Kanakuk Child
Protection Plan, a comprehensive safety system to prevent, detect or respond to
emotional, verbal, sexual and physical abuses in youth programming. The Kanakuk
System is regarded as one of the most comprehensive protection plans in the
country and is being implemented by youth organizations of all types and sizes.

 John Ashcroft, former U.S. Attorney General states, “I asked two of my partners, both
former United States Attorneys with vast experience in prosecuting crimes
against children, to assist me in reviewing the extensive materials regarding
Kanakuk’s plan. We found the materials to be well-researched, current with best
thinking on how to prevent child exploitation, practical and pointed. In our
opinion, these materials evidence Kanakuk’s substantial commitment to and
investment of resources to the protection of children from would-be predators.
In our opinion, yours is a first-rate program.”

During this one hour session, attendees will learn key abuser, victim and
bystander statistics, faulty historical strategies, the Abuser Behavior Map and
Six Grooming Stages Illustrations, and the Kanakuk Child Protection Strategy.
For more information about the Kanakuk Child Protection Plan, visit www.kanakukchildprotection.org.
Rick Braschler, Sr. Risk Consultant and Director of Risk Management for Kanakuk Kamps will be presenting. Rick is a certified risk manager, licensed broker, and has over 22 years in risk and safety experience in developing child abuse protection plans.




After registering, you will receive a confirmation email
containing information about joining the webinar.

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