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Gap #2 – “Road Trip” Does your Work Comp cover out-of-state injuries

With the St. Louis Arch in the foreground, we approach the I-70 bridge that will take us across the Mississippi River and into Illinois.  The countdown begins… 3,2,1 and we all take a long, deep breath as we approach the bridge signaling the challenge to hold your breath until we exit the bridge in Illinois.   While all fun and games for the family taking the occasional road trip, camps who cross state lines should not breathe too easy when it comes to staff injuries incurred out of state. 

Gap #2 – Does your camp workers’ compensation insurance cover injuries for out-of-state claims?  You may be surprised! Continue reading “Gap #2 – “Road Trip” Does your Work Comp cover out-of-state injuries” »


Oklahoma Work Comp Reform – “The Rush is Back On”

It was 1889 when a single gun shot sounded the charge for pioneers to own their own little piece of Oklahoma frontier during what we now call the “Oklahoma Land Rush.”  And now, over 120 years later, that same enthusiasm has landed Oklahoma in a “not so thrilling” category landing at #6 on the most expensive work comp states in the country.  (Illinois, you shouldn’t be laughing, you’re #4).  But, not to worry, even as most New Year’s resolutions are already waning, Oklahoma legislators are just revving up touting a term we all like to hear, “Reformation!”  Oklahoma camp leaders – I present to you, Workers’ Compensation Reformation 2013! 

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A Fungus Among Us – The High Cost of Delayed Action in Camp Workers’ Comp

It was a hot day in July that I returned home from a 4 day business trip only to find my pool having a slight tint of green.  Normally, my reaction would have been an immediate shock, sweep, and algaecide process, but sadly, I got busy and put it off for another day or so.  Of course, by then, the light green had darkened in color at which time the simple remedies were insufficient.  All told, the pool lost its use for over 10 days requiring extra costs to bring under control.  The result, unnecessary cost, unnecessary loss, and an ugly green cement pond in my back yard. 

Such is the case with your camp workers’ compensation plan should you choose to delay corrective action to a program which is highly in need of a remedy.  Continue reading “A Fungus Among Us – The High Cost of Delayed Action in Camp Workers’ Comp” »


Missouri Camps: Workers’ Comp Changes for Summer 2011 & Beyond

There are two pending changes in the Experience Rating Plan, one of which is specific to Missouri and will impact camp work comp plans. 

1)  On July 1, 2011, Missouri adopted the Experience Rating Adjustment plan, which has already been adopted by most States.  From this point forward, medical only claims will be discounted by 70% for experience rating purposes.  

What does this mean for your camp?

  • This change means, with few exceptions, that it is no longer advisable to pay your small (under $1,000) medical only claims out-of-pocket.  You should turn these claims into the insurance company from this point forward. 
  • It is also very important that you bolster your efforts to keep claimants on the job when possible because once lost wages become part of the claim (Indemnity) then the claim will no longer be discounted and the full cost of the claim will be counted against you.

 2)  On or about January 1, 2013, NCCI will change the Primary Loss amount in the Experience Rating formula from $5,000 to $10,000.  It will go up to $15,000 over the next couple of years and then be indexed for inflation.

What does this mean for your camp?

  • This means that claims in between $5,000 and $10,000 and later $15,000 will have a greater impact on your Experience Mod.  In other words, frequency claims will create upward pressure on the Experience Modification Factor for your policy.





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